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Review : Preston's Honor by Mia Sheridan

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Riveting and Emotional, Preston's Honor is a beautiful story of love, loss, lessons and second chances, a must read for any romance lover. 

Mia Sheridan never disappoints and you know any novel that's written by her will take you on a whirlwind emotional journey. She will break your heart with the struggles of her characters then put it back together slowly, pain painstakingly, hauntingly one chapter at a time.

Preston's Honor will not only provide us with a form of escape while reading but will also teach us some amazing life lessons along the way. 

A story revolving around one girl who never thought she was enough and a boy trying to prove that he was. 

Lia and Preston have known each other forever and through the years their childhood friendship turned into something so much more. Circumstances prevented this couple from giving into their mutual attraction,loyalty, society, inner insecurities all played a part in keeping them at arms length. That is until one night, when the stars collided and so did their bodies. That night would also set off a chain of events that neither thought possible but would change their lives along with those around them forever. 

This story has so many ups and downs, twists and turns that you will need tissues handy. Miscommunication, unforgivable mistakes, self doubt, pride, stubbornness, obstacles these are all the things these characters had to overcome. They had to learn the art of forgiveness and selfless love. Nothing is easy with them, heartbreak at almost every turn. Can two people learn to over come all the negativity and hurt or will the mistakes of youth be so massive that they are insurmountable ?  

Before Preston and Lia can face the future they will need to come to terms with the reality that they both had a hand in creating. They will need to grow as individuals and then decide whether to fight to regain and rebuild what they had or to walk away forever. 

Love is never perfect, it is flawed, messy, and can bring you to your knees, however if you are ever lucky enough to find that person to slay the dragons with, well then it is worth every single pain inducing moment. 

Read this heart wrenching tale and see how these characters navigate the tough path of life and the even more scary road to an HEA.