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Review : Royally Matched by Emma Chase

** ARC provided by the Author for an honest Review ** 

Funny, Poignant, Sexy and absolutely brilliant .. Royally Matched delivers all the feels and more.

Emma Chase is a master story teller, you can tell with every turn of the page. One moment your heart is breaking, the next your sides are hurting from laughing so hard and the next you are blushing so hard a bright red tomato has nothing on you. 

Henry is thrust into a position he never wanted when his brother Nicholas abdicates the throne. This royal prince has the most classic case of second child syndrome known to man. He is a reckless, carefree, womanizer whose greatest joy is doing the total opposite of what's expected of him. Sexy, funny, with a heart of gold Prince, Henry is a triple threat and God help all the ladies in the world. The weight of his new found responsibility weighs heavily on him. He wants to be worthy yet rebels at the thought. Everything changes with a reality show called Matched and a shy girl who's biggest fear is the spotlight.

Sarah, has to be one of the best Heroines ever written. She has class, grace and humility. This shy yet sassy introvert's greatest joy are books and reading, especially the classics. She has overcome so much yet has never let her past dull her sparkle or ability to love.

The Prince and the shy girl will be thrown together in an unusual circumstance, what ensues will be eye opening, thought provoking and lead these two on a journey of self discovery and towards a romance to rival the ones Sarah reads. 

Will the playboy Prince become the King his country deserves? How will a simple girl be able to tame the wildness of a man searching to find himself? Love, laughter and beautiful lessons are peppered all throughout this read and I loved EVERY. SINGLE.MOMENT of it.