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Review : Second Chances by Lauren Dane



‘Second Chances’ by Lauren Dane was a fun, fast read that had me laughing one minute and crying the next.

Rori left over 10 years ago a shell of herself.  While growing up away from her hateful mothers words, she becomes this beautiful, strong, sexy woman.  When her crush Jude sees her they have a few steamy nights together, but Jude's reluctance to say what he feels to Rori causing them to have a falling out.   Rori is a hot commodity in town and it kills Jude to see her with a different man, but when a friend of his and fellow dominant begins dating Rori, he realizes there is no more chance for him.  Rori finds true love with Zach.  They have the perfect life together and marry each other thinking they have the rest of their lives to spend with one another.  But after an accident takes Zach from Rori she realizes she must move on.  The whole time Jude has been by Rori's side helping her grieve and come to terms with the loss of Zach.  When old feelings come forward, Jude takes the reigns and Rori has to decide if she is willing to take that chance at love again.  

It was a well written story that I read all in less than an afternoon.  It kept my attention and left me wanting more.

4.5 stars

Reviewed by Jennifer A.