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Review : Secrets Of A Reluctant Princess by Casey Griffin


Casey Griffin delivered a teen fairytale with 'Secrets of A Reluctant Princess'.  It has all the great feels for a teen read and I found myself enjoying the humor and little love story that it gave us.
Adrianna Bottom is a geeky teenager who loves comics and making her own clothes.  She gets picked on at school because her dad invents bathroom supplies and items.  She is used to having no friends because of all of this but with her family now starring in their own reality TV show due to her dads success, she's hoping her new life in Hollywood will change everything for her.
Adrianna quickly learns that kids are still cruel unless you’re a new TV Phenomenon.  She wants to just fit in and not be teased so she goes with it, until she meets Kevin.  She doesn't realize Kevin is considered the "Mayor" of the geeks until the kids at school give her a lesson in who she shouldn't associate with.  Adrianna isn't too big in this because she clicked with Kevin and finds that she really likes him!
Kevin works in his uncle’s store, which happens to be a hardware/bathroom store.  Adrianna doesn't know he's in her class until she hides in his store trying to flee the camera crew.  On the most embarrassing first day of her life, he is like a reprieve, until he's basically shunned by her because she cannot make up her mind on what side she wants to be on.
This book was definitely geared towards a more teenage audience but I loved the humor and wit in it.  We all have come across the one person in school who was the awkward one and not cool, or hell we might have been that person.  Yes I loved that Casey gave Adrianna a bit of the cool life, but she gave a lesson to readers on why you should be who you are.
4 "Bottom" stars

Reviewed by Jodi N.