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Review : Singe by Aly Martinez


When I started reading 'Singe' by Aly Martinez I knew right from the beginning that I was going to love it. As a fan already of Aly Martinez's work I had high expectations and she did not disappoint me. I did not want to put this book down once I started. It was an awesome 5 star read for me.

Jude is a broken man. He lives the worst moment in his life over and over again in his nightmares each night but can he accept that the worst moment will actually lead him to the best moment of his life too. After reliving the moment when Rhion Park fell from the ledge over and over in his head Jude never thought that the way he viewed things would be so skewed from the way she saw things.

For Rhion that night years ago was when she was saved. The scars on the outside are battle wounds that let her know the importance of life. For years she has dreamt of her hero and how he is everything she can ever want or need so when she sees him again standing in front of her all her dreams have come true. Unfortunately Rhion has a battle in front of her convincing Jude just what he did for her.

This was an emotional story of two broken souls that were broken for different reasons that came crashing together and just might have the ability to make each other whole. It is an emotional tale of two people struggling to deal with the aftermath of a pivotal event in their lives and what that one night meant to them and changed there lives forever.

Jude and Rhion are an ideal match for me, she is sassy, quick witted, spouts random information when nervous and has the same book fascination as many of us who will actually read this book (I love how you can recognise the books she references). Jude is moody, tall, sexy, dominating but only to the point that its pleasurable for both. The banter between them was fun to read and very entertaining. The other characters in the book I would love to read more of and will be keeping my fingers crossed that we will be getting more from the Guardian Protection guys soon.

Overall I loved this book and wholeheartedly recommend reading.

Reviewed by Louise G.