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Review : Switch by Adriana Locke

*** ARC provided by author for an honest review ***

All I can say is WOW! Adriana Locke hits it out of the park again with the third book in the Landry series with Switch. Ms. Locke is a compelling author, great with words to describe a romance that will have you coming back for more! Switch is a standalone novel, however, if you start with Sway (1st book) then you can follow the other brothers and the love they find, since all characters are present in this book.

Graham Landry is the CEO of the family business… Landry Holdings. Controlled, organized, brooding and strongly independent are just some traits that he is known for. He is at the helm of the family company, the passion he feels for his job and family is unmistakable. From controlling all money for his siblings to dealing with legal issues when his siblings act out. When does he have time for himself?

Mallory Sims, needs a job and needs it quick. After leaving a life behind of controlled agendas and having her life made for her, she is looking forward to taking her new life by the reins. Thanks to Sienna Landry she becomes Graham's new Executive Assistant. Late on her first day on the job she can’t comprehend the hotness of her new boss, how will she get by? After working with Graham, Mallory sees underneath Graham’s ways. She brings a new light to his controlling life.

Burned before by an ex-girlfriend, Graham can’t see himself loving Mallory. Oh, by no mistake he wants her and looks forward to work days but can’t let go of his control. If he loses control he feels like his life will unravel. What happens with Mallory loosens his tie up a little bit?

If you want to read a romance that captures a brooding and controlled CEO who won’t let love in and a girl who doesn’t know what to do with her life come together and explore each other; then this is the book for you! Loved Graham and Mallory! Probably out of the other 2 books, I loved this story the most. Mallory is a true sweetheart and Graham is a strong, dominant alpha who takes you for a ride in his sexual and lovable quest for Mallory… fan yourself ladies!!

5 Stars!

Reviewed by: Allyson S.