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Review : This Is Me, Baby by K. Webster


*** ARC provided by the author in exchange for honest review ***

This Is Me, Baby is book five of The War & Peace series by K. Webster. Do not start with this book as you will be a little lost. This dark romance must be read in sequence! If you don’t like rape, violence and evil men… then this series is not for you!

I had not read the previous books in this series, so this book was a little scattered, however once I continued on, I picked up bits and pieces of the previous books and caught on. Gabriella “Brie” Rojas was sent to live with some vile and evil men in the Colombian cartel. She had been put through the ringer in her journey but one of the men, Heath was her saving grace. With Brie though all is taken from her… including Heath. To leave Heath behind and move on she makes some unwise choices which causes uproar with his wicked family and other key players.

Ren, who has always been apart of Brie’s life is now back at her side as she has returned home from Columbia. He has committed his future in protecting her at all costs from her past and dedicates himself to her as her best friend and lover.

Brie makes a deal with the devil thinking that he will help keep herself and her family safe; will her new so called friend keep his end of the bargain or will he turn his back on his word? Can Ren keep Brie safe from her past?

There are multiple key characters in this story that of course if I had read the previous books I would understand better. But overall, this was a well written Cartel dark romance. I loved Ren with his caring nature even though he has the rough exterior and protective tendencies.  With just reading this one book in the series makes me want to start at the beginning. This book does end in a cliff-hanger and I will be looking forward to reading “This Isn’t Fair, Baby”.

4 Stars

Reviewed by: Allyson S.