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Review : Vanished by T.K. Leigh

***ARC Provided By Author In Exchange for Honest Review***

Lies, deceit, and retribution are what I think about after reading 'Vanished' by T.K. Leigh.  I know this is a book in the Beautiful Mess series and unfortunately I have never read any of those books.  This one however was really good!  I don't know any background on any of the characters but I believe she wrote enough in this book that you feel you already know them.

A year ago Rayne lost everything... Her fiancé, her business, her house...everything.  She's barely been scraping by because she cannot seem to get herself out of a depression after her fiancé was killed.  She attends weekly meetings with a group of others facing depression from loss, and there she has one person she kind of connects with.  He takes her mind off things, but can he solve her problems?

Alexander has everything he has ever wanted...a great wife, beautiful daughter, and an amazing security business that makes him millions!  His secret missions that normally happen overseas tend to make him enemies, but none like the one that his best friend Landon, Raynes fiance, got him into.  Retribution is a huge thing for many, and someone is out to make Alexander suffer with taking something from him in which he would feel the loss.

Innocently thinking your just living day to day is a huge part of being a pawn in a huge scheme of things.  People are played with in this book and lives are messed with.  I found myself constantly reading just to see what would happen next and who did what.  My mind was blown at some points because there were quite a few twists that I definitely did not see coming!

If you like a good mystery type read, this would be good for you!  I give it a good solid 4 stars.

Reviewed by: Jodi N.