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Review : Vanishing Act by A.M. Madden

*** ARC provided by author an exchange for honest review ***

When a Hollywood actor vanishes to an island to escape fame, can he find normalcy? Or will his fame follow him?

‘Vanishing Act’ by A.M. Madden follows Landon Price, the hottest movie actor in Hollywood, to the islands of Hawaii. He seeks escape from the fame and fortune of his everyday life. A single bag, a burner phone and his computer is all he takes with him. Under the alias of Lance White, he starts to unwind on the island and begins the much needed relaxation. When a dog shows up on his porch, who knew that little dog will change his life for the better and lead him to a beautiful woman… Zara Jobert.

Zara, a South African native, is now living in Lanai with her family. Her little island is behind in time, about 10 years. Left living with her overprotective family she has a pretty mundane life: working to save money to move to the big island and taking care of her dog, Marshmallow. With her island being so outdated, she doesn’t recognize Landon aka Lance when she finds her dog in his possession.

Landon can’t get enough of Zara. She fascinates him all kinds of levels and wants to be in her life. Zara is falling fast for this handsome and persistent tourist, but can she let go once he eventually goes back home?  

Since making an alias name for himself when he vanishes to seek relaxation and peace, he soon realizes even on the smallest of islands his fame still follows. Can Zara see past his true nature once she finds out who “Lance White” truly is? Or will his fame cause more damage in their relationship?

At first glance I was apprehensive in how the story will unfold. Being honest, I didn’t like how Landon pursued Zara. He was overly cocky and arrogant on a small level, however as I kept reading I slowly fell in love with him. This is a great romance capitalizing on how fame can really take a tole on a relationship. I loved how Landon stood by her side when she finds out his true identity. The chemistry is pretty spectacular and will have your heart pumping!

4.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Allyson S.