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Review : Wait For Dark by Kay Hooper

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

'Wait for Dark' is the seventeenth novel in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit by Kay Hooper.

Darkness has settled over Clarity, NC. In the past four weeks, there have been four deadly accidents. This probably would not seem series in a larger town, but in Clarity, they have not had a death in fifteen years. The deaths are so strange due to the severity of them. One person died in a really bad car accident, another by a faulty wire in an elevator, another from an explosion with a gas grill, and the other by being basically being eaten by a farm tool. Each person’s cell phone except one went missing. The records for each were pulled and each individual receive a message that said “Wait for dark” twenty four hours before their deaths.
The local PD does not know how to handle this situation. The town is not equipped to handle such cases because it is a small town and nothing like this has ever happened. With this in mind, and the fact that they have now figured out that these just can’t be coincidental accidents, the small team of the PD, calls into the team from the Special Crimes Unit.

At first, the Special Crimes Unit is apprehensive of taking the case, because they see that the cases have been marked as accidents. But as they review the cases more, they decide to go. And what they find scares them to the core of which they have never found before.

Will the team be able to solve the mystery behind the deaths? Or will they succumb to the killer?

I would give this book four stars.

Reviewed by: Nicole W.