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Review : Wardrobe Malfunction by Samantha Towle

** ARC provided by the Author for an honest review ** 

The perfect blend of romance, steam and angst. Wardrobe Malfunction is a one click must for any lover of Romantic Comedy. 

Engaging, fresh and additive, this laugh out loud, sexy and moving read is already one of my top picks for 2017. 

And the Oscars goes to .. SAMANTHA TOWLE ! 

I can not say enough amazing things about what I just read. Every turn of the page had something exciting, hot and funny. We always hear about how well an author wrote a novel, how the flow was great or how well the characters were developed but we rarely hear all those things done together and with such perfection and precision, as was this novel. 

Wardrobe Malfunction had it all .. told in such a way that there was absolutely no way you couldn't imagine yourself there right alongside the characters. Their voices were so distinctive and clear. 

Vaughn West and Charlotte Michaels .. two people who are so completely different yet so utterly right for each other. One Hollywood Royalty the other a mere "mortal". 

Charly a talented seamstress has worked on Hollywood Sets with some big stars before but when an opportunity arises to work with one of the sexiest men of the silver screen she is on a plane headed towards a job of a lifetime, without a single backward glance. She is defiant, smart mouthed, witty along with being beautiful inside and out. 

Vaughn West is on a mission to rebuild his image and career after a humiliating betrayal. Landing the lead in a movie that will bring him closer to his goal and a woman that would change his life forever, Vaughn has no idea what fate has in store for him. This Hollywood A Lister is jaded, scared and damaged from the hard lessons he has been taught by the industry, but will a fiery tempered, kind soul be able to erase all his fears or is he doomed to continue to be just another entitled playboy with a chip on his shoulder. 

Charly and Vaughn's banter is on point, sharp and hysterical, each give as good as they get, their chemistry is off the charts and the build up timed just right. Set in the back drop of the glittery world so few of us would understand yet yearn to be part of, this fast paced read will take you on an emotional journey filled with laughs, swoons, and drama. They both have issues that they need to overcome, slowly learning to trust each other and believe in the strength of their budding romance. Secrets loom and in Hollywood nothing remains hidden for long. When the fragile bonds of their relationship are tested will be it crumble under pressure or will they be able to find the strength to trust? 

A beautifully told story that had me glued to my E-reader from start to finish.