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Guest Post : Elizabeth Lynx on An Insider Look into Cake Love

An Insider Look into Cake Love

As the author of the characters in the Cake Love series there are things I know about them that they don’t want anyone to find out about. Things that may have you looking at Morgana Drake, Henrik Payne, Evaleen Bechmann, Edgar Mimir, Aria Dixon, Alexander Hawthorne, and Tiffany Blackburn in a new way.

Each character has a past, a secret, which they don’t want anyone to know about. I’m here to give you the insider scoop into their lives.

Let’s meet Morgana Drake and her boss, Henrik Payne from Rules of Payne. Some of you may know them from Morgana’s character blog The Payne in the Blog and may be familiar with some of their secrets. But I am here to tell you that you don’t know everything.

You may already know that Morgana’s ex-boyfriend Trevor Trance filmed them having sex without her knowledge and then posted on the internet. Trevor thought for sure his hot, curvaceous red-headed girlfriend would make perfect click bait. But did you know Trevor never took that video down, even when Morgana confronted him? Perhaps Morgana will get a little help getting the video removed from the last person she wants to find out.

Morgana has had her fair share of blunders and embarrassing moments that she would like to keep secret. Like how she lost her virginity at eighteen in the back of a snack cake delivery truck. Then her grandma gave her a rating of six for performance as she happened to be right outside the truck at the time. While super embarrassing, with Morgana, it’s not completely surprising. But her boss and on and off boyfriend, Henrik Payne, the embarrassing moments are few and very far between. But they do exist.

Did you know that the tall, built, brooding Vice President of Mimir, Henrik Payne, has a comedy background? He does. In college he took improv classes at Second City in Chicago. He even performed on stage. In one sketch he played the poop that someone was shitting in the toilet. He really was a piece of shit.

Let’s move on to Morgana and Henrik’s friends. Evaleen Bechamnn and Edgar Mimir both work at Mimir, Inc. with Morgana and Henrik. Again, if you have read The Payne in the Blog, you know both happen to be obviously smitten with each other. Evaleen is the head of HR and Edgar is the head of IT and is the younger brother of the founder of the company, Jacob Mimir.

Let’s start with Edgar. He’s built like Thor but smooth like Don Juan. He is a ladies man and there isn’t much that embarrasses him except the one time he got caught with his pants down. Literally. 

Even his best friend Henrik Payne doesn’t know this story.

When he was a sophomore in college Edgar thought he hit jackpot when the entire Delta Nu sorority invited him over for a personal party. They told him when he arrived to put on a blindfold and take off his clothes. I think you know where I am going with this one. Well, needless to say when he took the blindfold off Edgar was in the middle of a 7-Eleven. The fifty year old balding worker was yelling at him that he was calling the police. Edgar managed to make it back to his dorm unnoticed by stealing the 7-Eleven’s jacket as he left through the back. Edgar stayed far away from sorority women ever since.

Evaleen is a much harder nut to crack. Some may think she has never made a mistake in her life and nothing embarrasses her, but they would be wrong. It is true that Evaleen, while tall, blond and has the looks of a runway model, is the most in control person to ever live but there is one person that makes her do things she never thought she would do. That person is Edgar Mimir.

Her first embarrassing moment is when she first met Edgar at a coffee shop right before her interview with Mimir five years ago. She mistook him for a woman and when she realized her mistake, instead of apologizing Evaleen felt Edgar up in front of everyone at the coffee shop. To add insult to injury, everyone in line filmed the incident and posted it to YouTube for all to see. Evaleen hasn’t been back to that coffee shop since.

Aria Dixon, Morgana’s best friend and roommate, is a little harder to embarrass. She is a platinum blond with a waifish figure, but a total free spirit. She is not shy both in and out of the bedroom. But there is one thing she did when she was twenty one that she never wants Morgana finding out about.

It was winter break from her senior year at college and Aria was staying over at Morgana’s parent’s house. Morgana’s parents went out to a holiday party so it was just Morgana, Aria and Morgana’s older brother, Daniel. They all got drunk and Morgana passed out early.

Daniel put the moves on Aria but she kept rejecting him. After many shots of vodka her no’s turned into yes’s. They ended up having sex in Daniel’s bed. Aria woke the next morning with a severe case of a hangover filled with regret. She snuck out of the bedroom and was thankful that Daniel didn’t seem to remember anything.

Alexander Hawthorne, Aria’s rich, sexy, and reclusive boyfriend seems to be the opposite of his girlfriend. His life is filled with regret and so many embarrassing moments. Like that time he fell in love with a call girl when he was in college. Truly believing that even though he was paying her, she meant the words she spoke to him. When he got the nerve to go to her home and ask her to be with him forever, her husband answered the door. He realized quickly that if you have enough money people will telling you anything you want to hear.

Finally, there is Tiffany Blackburn, Henrik Payne’s close friend and mother to a young boy who struggles to walk. Her days are filled with just trying to survive and get help for her son. As tired as she is, there isn’t much time for mistakes. Except she is an exhausted mom so she makes them all the time.

As she has gotten to know Morgana and her friends, they have helped her avoid some disastrous mistakes. But then there was that time she went with her new friends to Vegas and woke up naked in bed with a hot guy she had never met before. Let’s just say what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

There you have it, the embarrassing truth. That even these beautiful, sexy and sometimes perfect looking characters can do things that make you thankful you are not them.

Morgana & Henrik’s story Rules of Payne will be out March 27th, 2017

Evaleen & Edgar’s story The Attraction File will be out September 2017.

Aria & Alexander’s story One Wile Ride will be out January 2018.

Tiffany’s story has a secret title and will be the final book in the Cake Love series. It will release in early 2018.

To learn more about them check out the Cake Love website: