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Guest Post: Jen Tirone on some Fun Facts about herself !

Fun Facts about Author Jen Tirone

1.     I’m a HUGE crybaby! I cry with the littlest angst in a book, or shown on TV. And even some songs can do it to me too!

2.     I have an accent, but I am not fluent in either of the languages of my heritage! (Colombian Italian)

3.     I have a beautiful Ibanez guitar in black with mother of pearl accents, and all I know how to play is Wild Thing and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

4.     I’ve had my nose pierced for the past 15 years, and I can’t bring myself to retire it.

5.     My favorite wine is Chianti.

6.     My son’s middle name (Alexander) comes from <3 Shura <3 in The Bronze Horseman.

7.     My mother was originally left handed, but taught in Catholic school that lefties were influenced easier by the devil, so they forced her to be right handed. Naturally she did the same to me as a baby, making me ambidextrous. I write with my right, but I am stronger with left. (Self-manicures come out fabulous with this ability!!!)

8.     I have an obsession with buying sketchbooks I don’t draw in.

9.     My favorite color changes every decade. First it was green. Then it was purple. Now it’s gray. (And now you know how old I am.)

10.  I LOOOOVE sushi, but hate to eat cooked fish.

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