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Guest Post : Lilliana Rose on Behind the scenes .. Cafe Writing

Behind the Scenes ~ Café Writing

by Lilliana Rose

This is a typical image for a writing day for me. I’m in a café, coffee at the ready, and I’ve got my trusty laptop (sometimes I’ve got a beautiful journal and a sexy pen on the days I decide to go back to basics). This is where I love to write, at different cafés around my local city. For some reason, I have trouble writing at home in the silence; much to the disappointment of my dogs. So I go out into the world, find a cute café and then get to work. The music playing inside, coffee grinding, and people talking, don’t distract me. I often end up punching out thousands of words. The noise, and movement of people coming and going helps me to connect to my muse, and creativity flows. The change of scenery each day is also inspiring. My office can be a café over looking a garden one-day, at the beach the next, and even one next to a busy train station by the end of the week. The ever-changing environment adds to the experience, and helps to keep the monotony of writing fresh and exciting.

 Plus the coffee is good, and that’s a very good kick-start to any writing!