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Review : Be A Doll by Stephanie Witter


Not having read anything by Stephanie Witter and reading the blurb I was quite keen to get stuck into this book. ‘Be A Doll’ was a bit different from what I had read of late so it was easy to get stuck in and that is exactly what I did. It was a 4 star read for me.

Supposedly trained to be the perfect wife to the rich and powerful by being in the Carter Manor Lila is running out of options. Having already turned down two offers and reaching their age limit Lila knows the next man is who she has to accept regardless of what he is like.

Having absolutely no interest in having a wife or a relationship for that matter Mathis is forced to purchase a wife for his business. When he gets to Carter Manor he is intrigued by the fire he recognises in Lila’s eyes. Not making the best first impressions on either side Lila is shocked when she is chosen by Mathis to become his wife in the just a few months time.

There was an intense push and pull that kept things exciting between Lila and Mathis. The more Lila gets to know Mathis she catches glimpses of the real him and the secrets he has locked up inside. Proving that the training at the Manor didn't stick and that she has fire in her Lila and Jake’s relationship is entertaining to watch and you really do get to see the relationship form through each of their eyes. This was a book that took time to build but once it did I didn’t want to put it down.