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Review : Cut Wide Open by Abby McCarthy


Cut Wide Open (A Bleeding Scars MC) by Abby McCarthy is a dark MC book. This book is not for you if you require trigger warnings with your books. It has violence, rape, kidnapping, and more. That being said, Ms McCarthy is a new to me author and I love her writing style. I'll be honest, I went through the MC phase a few years back when it was huge and got burnt out on it. This is my first MC read in a long time and I freaking loved it! 

Gunner and Charlie have known each other a long time. This book starts off when they were kids and progresses through life. Charlie and Gunner finally got together when she was 16 and did the dirty. Gunner was gone the very next day. Charlie finds out she is pregnant. Fast forward to years later when Charlie is in her 20s and working as a dancer to support her son. She meets back up with Gunner but their reunion is short lived. Charlie ends up kidnapped and held against her will for a long time. Will Gunner find her and be able to bring her back from the dark abyss? Will they have a HEA? 

This book is told in dual POV and I loved that. It is also a cliffy, so if you have to have the next book right away, you may want to add this to your tbr and read when book 2 is released so you can transition to the next book right away. I'm looking forward to reading book 2 in this series. This is a very emotional book in the sense that there are such dark themes and situations. It's not for the faint of heart. Stick with reading this story if it gets too hard. I promise it's worth it. Excellent 4 stars.