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Review : Devil You Know by L.A. Fiore


I’ll admit I love a good second chance romance and this is one I loved. L.A. Fiore’s book ‘Devil You Know’ is a well written, complex and exciting read that I couldn't put down. This drama a filled book with enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat and I couldn't give it any less that 5 stars.

Thea and Damian’s upbringing couldn't have been so different. Where Thea had a loving family, safe environment and a close connection to her family Damian was alone, abused and had no love. Damian and Thea’s brother Cam are best friends and as Cam brings him around more a connection between Thea and Damian builds and builds. These two fall in love but they are young and have life decisions to make that pull them in different directions. 

13 years is a long time and it is certainly enough time to change a person. There is still a deep connection between Thea and Damian even after all this time. With the possibility of Thea being in danger Damian will do everything he can to protect her.

This was so much more than just a romance with great suspense and excitement but for me the thing at the heart of it all that I loved was the story and connection of Thea and Damian. The way that L.A. Fiore has managed to write such well rounded characters and manages to take you on their journey with them thrilled me. There is humour, excitement, love and I can’t recommend this story enough as it is another brilliant book by L.A. Fiore.