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Review : Dirty Filthy Rich Men by Laurelin Paige

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Oh my! Who do I have to thank for throwing this panty dropping, hot book at me? 

Laurelin Paige’s, Dirty Filthy Rich Men drew me in from the start and I was stuck. Her manipulation of words managed to entice me into another world, and I had to forcibly put the book down. 

Donovan Kincaid and Weston King weren’t just filthy, rich and dirty men, they were like spiders in a web and I was their prey. I was enticed into their world through the eyes of Sabrina and boy what a ride it was. 

There is a mystery to this story that Laurelin perfectly entwines, preventing you from being able to guess what is coming next. After reading the prequel I knew a little background information on the lead three characters, but nothing could prepare me for how intense this next chapter would be. Nor could it prepare me for how attached I would become to each of them. All three of them had a hidden beauty that I fell in love with. I finished this story needing it to continue, not wanting it to end…………. But does it end?

There’s an intensity, especially with all the lies and secrets that will consume you. I particularly loved how Laurelin’s story line flowed. There was just enough drama to keep me hanging on and WoW, the sex was off the charts – hot!! One of my favorite parts of being a reader is finding a story that allows me to jump into the story, where I can envision the rawness of each character and every emotion they feel. I was able to do that with this book and it drained me in a good way. 

This is a must read, and I can promise you that you will not be disappointed.