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Review : Endurance by Amy Daws

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

With the amount of reading I do, every now and again I love getting hold of those funny, quirky books that keep you smiling until the very end. Endurance by Amy Daws was one of those kinds of stories and I really enjoyed it.

I found the story of Tanner, a football player based in the UK and Belle, a specialist surgeon to have just the right kind of comical banter that I love. This is a fantastic tale of two people whose careers have always been a major part of their lives, until they are put into a position where priorities need to be re-evaluated. They both embark on a journey together of self-discovery which has more than one hiccup.

I enjoyed this book that much I finished it in one sitting. It had me hooked, especially the flow of it. 

Amy has produced a beautifully written piece of work that has the ability to whisk you as a reader, away into Belle and Tanner’s world. You live and breathe every moment with along with them, which is something I love. As a reader, I am drawn to the authors who can suck you into their books, allowing you to experience every emotion their characters are feeling.

I will be an avid follower of Amy’s from now on and will encourage others to do the same.