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Review : His Alone by Alexa Riley

***ARC provided by the author for an honest review *** 

If you aren't familiar with Alexa Riley, this series is a great way to get introduced to her long list of novels. His Alone is the second novel into her standalone series For Her. 

Everything For You, we were given, Mallory and Miles and I loved their story. I couldn't tell you how excited I was when Alexa announced Captain and Paige were getting their own story. I loved seeing the little bits of them in the first novel. 

His Alone follows Ryan and Paige. Both of whom work for Osborne Corporation. They work for the security detail for her brother, Miles. Both Paige and Ryan have dedicated their lives to protect those they hold dear. 

Paige had never thought her life would be different than the revenge she desperately seeks. She saw her brother give up the selfish need to get the payback he wanted, for the love of a good woman. 

But for Paige that isn't the case. She thinks she doesn't deserve a love, person to care for. Her life is only that of a girl trying to get back the life that was stolen from her. 

Ryan knew what he was getting himself into when he saw her for the first time. He knew the sacrifices he was making. But watching her didn't stop him. He needed more and needing her, couldn't change the fact he had to have her. Getting her would change both their lives. 

What would he pay to make her his? He just didn't know the sacrifices she would have to pay in return. 

Alexa Riley's writing continues to grow with each novel she writes and in His Alone you will tell how much her writing has grown. From the secondary characters to the dialogue between Paige and Ryan. This novel will be hard to put down. His Alone is one you will want to experience for yourself. 

You will not be disappointed.