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Review : Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Toree

Filming has begun on Hollywood Dirt! 
Pics and info >>!

As a huge fan of Alessandra Torre’s Innocence series, I was excited to read Hollywood Dirt! Hollywood Dirt will be turned into a motion picture coming out Fall 2017.

A hate to love Hollywood romance that will make you turn the pages faster than normal. Within the first couple pages I was hooked with the story and characters! This story captures on the Coca-Cola inheritance of the small town of Quincy, Georgia. When big time Hollywood actor, Cole Masten arrives in small town Quincy to film a movie, he embarks in a tough soul searching change in thanks to meeting Summer Jenkins.

Summer Jenkins and her mother live in Quincy since she was young, not native but close to, she knows the town and history like the back of her hand. A southern town where most are wealthy, rich and live on their plantations with their nice homes. Since Summer does not come from wealth and had a hard time after a failed and dramatic engagement 3 years prior it’s been very rough for her. She is known as the outcast of the town until Hollywood comes literally knocking on her door with an offer she can’t refuse.

Cole Masten is known as the Hollywood golden boy. Married to a gorgeous woman and filthy rich, what else does he need in life? Until he comes home early and finds his wife with someone else. Enter Brad Deluca (you might know him from the Innocence series!!) the alpha, bad boy attorney to help Cole take down his wife. Brad gives Cole rules, the most important: lay low and do not have relations with women! Basically be a good little boy! Thinking he has it handled until he arrives in the small town and runs into Summer. The girl who wants nothing to do with him or his fame!

Challenge accepted!

Cole believes that Summer would be perfect for the lead female role of the new movie The Fortune Bottle; southern charm, beauty and strength, but the problem… they are like oil and water! Cole doesn’t understand the ways of the small town girl and Summer can’t stand the arrogant big city boy! Cole takes things into his own hands… will it help or hinder the two?

Really liked this story. The writing is impeccable and flows really nice between the POV’s and chapters. Alessandra doesn't disappoint again in her writing and imagination on romance. She is an amazing author and I really enjoy her work! I especially LOVED to see her bring in Brad from one of her other novels! This book is steamy in all the right places!