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Review : I Just Want You by Kaylee Ryan

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

I have been a little disappointed with a few of the books I have read of late, but when I picked up I Just Want You by Kaylee Ryan I found my enthusiasm renewed.

Sexy, powerful, demanding Alpha men are why I read romance novels. I love the control and lack of emotion they initially show that throws the reader off. It’s these kinds of men we cling to, avidly reading to see whether the author writes in a heroine who brings out the soft, gooey side of them.

That, and so much more is what I found in Kaylee’s book and I devoured it. I have a thing for dirty talking men and Crew fitted that criteria. The only off putting thing was that both lead characters were young. I suppose that’s to be expected seeing they are fresh out of college. There were times when their maturity could be questioned but overall, I tended to forget about their ages and concentrated on the story line instead. 

A distraction at the local coffee shop diverts Crews attention away from more important responsibilities, to which he has left his friend to deal with. Opening his new club should be his priority, but the lines become blurred when his little distraction from the coffee shop becomes his new manager.

Explosive is what this book is and a must read.