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Review : Kept From You by Nashoda Rose

*** ARC provided by the author in exchange for honest review ***

Holy Moly!! If you need a new hot, alpha book boyfriend then look no further than Killian Kane in Kept From You by Nashonda Rose!

11 years prior Killian “Kite” Kane was known as the bully in school. Kids were terrorized by him and you did not want to be on his radar. Moving from Ireland with his ruthless and evil father after the loss of his brother and mother, he finds himself pummeling anyone and everyone who causes problems within his high school. If you sold drugs or bullied other kids, you would feel the wrath of Killian Kane! Savannah “Savvy” Grady finds herself on his radar whether she wants to or not when his buddy asks her a favor that leads to more attention with Killian. When tragedy strikes and she is moved away, she thinks that is the last she will see of Mr. Kane.

Present Day; Savvy finds herself sneaking in to Tear Asunders backstage to gain Killian’s attention. He is the only one to help her with her issue… to get a dancing job at one of the city’s nightclubs. Savvy is in one heck of a predicament and needs the help of the “scary” boy that she used to know to put in a good word for her at his friends nightclub. She realizes Killian is no longer that scary bully, but now a hot rockstar! Killian is surprised and worried that she is wanting to work at his nightclub, so he offers her a deal… 1 month dating him and $12,000. An idiot would turn down the offer, how hard could it be to date a rockstar?

Savvy always knew there was something deeper in Killian than that tough exterior even 11 years ago. Will Killian let down those hard exterior walls for Savvy?  Can they both make it to a month? Will outside circumstances get in the way of their happiness?

This book will having you coming back for more of Ms. Rose’s work! This is a standalone book, however it’s apart of the Tear Asunder Series, so other characters from the previous books will be in this book. This is my first novel from Ms. Rose and will not be my last! I absolutely and positively loved every single aspect of this book. Killian definitely grew up with struggles but to see him overcome them with the help of Savvy is fantastic. Love to read romances with alpha males with dark pasts but have the female leads change them and lead them to the light!

5 Stars