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Review : Lines Drawn by Ker Dukey


Ker Dukey has long since become one of my favourite authors and is because of her writing books like this one. ‘Lines drawn’ is an emotional and engaging read that I give 5 stars.

This book is the second in the ‘Drawn To You’ series and this provides us with more of Finley and Antonia’s story. It is imperative that you read ‘Drawn To You’ which is the first book before you start on this one. In this book you will get some of the answers that you are left wondering about from the first book.

Again in this book like so many others by Ker Dukey she manages to engage you and make you feel like you are there living everything along with the characters. This book is filled with heart
wrenching emotion that drags you down and builds you up again only to throw you through another loop.

Finley and Antonia are two interesting characters that go through some secrets and revelations that have you wondering if they will make it. There are moments that you feel like giving the characters a good shake up or a slap and unfortunately I felt a little less drawn to Finley in this book but none the less they are two great characters.

I really struggled to put this book down and would happily recommend to others.