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Review : Love Me Again by Jaci Burton

* ARC provided by the author for an honest review *

Love Me Again by Jaci Burton is a second chance romance set in Hope, Oklahoma.

Loretta Simmons is a divorcee, who just moved back to her hometown with her daughter Hazel. Loretta is a strong, independent woman after leaving her ex-husband who was more into politics than the family he had. Loretta runs a bookshop in town, where she runs into her ex high school boyfriend Deacon Fox, who she is trying to avoid like the plague. They didn’t exactly end on good terms as she left him at her parents urging for her ex Tom.

Deacon Fox owns his own construction company that he runs with his friend Reid. He is restoring the building next to the bookstore, trying to avoid Loretta at any cost when Hazel’s dog Otis (a ginormous Great Dane) ends up on the porch, he offers to help Hazel train him and Loretta lets him, he also offers to help her with the upkeep of her farmhouse.

Loretta and Hazel quickly fall in love with Deacon. Loretta’s parents are less than thrilled at this as her father feels like she should still be with her ex. Thinking she’s the one who has the issue, not the fact that her ex chose politics over his own daughter. But sometimes your parents don’t always know what is right and Loretta reads them the riot act and essentially give them the middle finger, telling them that this is what she wants.

Loretta and Deacon are a great couple. He loves Hazel as his own and wants to do nothing more than to make Loretta happy. In the end sometimes you have to hurt someone to make everything right in the end.