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Review : Making Waves by Laura Moore

*** ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review ***

Making Waves by Laura Moore is a wonderful contemporary romance full of love and desire. My first time reading a Laura Moore novel and if another book comes around for her, it won’t be my last.

Dakota Hale owns Premier Service in the East Hamptons. She caters to the rich from cleaning homes to stocking their fridges. Brought up in a family where she is an outcast due to her mother’s “having a baby out of wedlock” she still assumes the role of dutiful daughter and takes care of Piper. When Piper, her mother’s family home, WindHaven, is sold by her uncle, Dakota’s service is asked to take part in helping the new owner re establish the estate. By taking the job with Max Carr, new owner of WindHaven, her family’s feathers are ruffled… not in a good way.

Max Carr just bought the old WindHaven estate thinking he will just spruce it up and it would be home to deal business on the weekend. Max has some deep sores that he has tried to bury; losing his twin sister in a car accident and then a year later his mother passing causing a riff with his father. He feels like he is the black hole of the abyss. He strives to be the best Wall Street businessman making those millions and keeping his emotions in check.  However, meeting Dakota Hale has changed his plans. Dakota challenges him, doesn’t fawn over him like other women… she is breath of fresh air.

When a lustful encounter between the two spark a relationship, causing said encounter to Dakota to become pregnant, Max decides the best practical solution is to wed. The two become closer than ever and slowly learn more about one another. Dakota opens Max up emotionally, which he hates to admit. Her family is causing drama in the small town of East Hampton for her and her business and back in the city, business associates are challenging Max on accounts making him question his work ethics. Love remains for both and soon enough love it what holds them together in the end.

Absolutely loved Making Waves. Dakota is a strong independent woman with a good head on her shoulders even though she was raised by a woman who is very selfish. To see a character fall in love to a wealthy man who can fall to a woman in return is so heartwarming and sincere. Definitely liked how Max took the reins when he found out about the pregnancy. Of course there was angst, but in the end love shown through. Ms. Moore’s writing was eloquent and smooth. Flowed nicely into each Dakota & Max’s POV.