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Review : Master Professor by Tara Sue Me

*** ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review ***

Another new series by the phenomenal Tara Sue Me. Master Professor is just what this title is… a forbidden professor/ student romance with a sexy BDSM 101 edge. As a huge fan of her Submissive series, Tara does not disappoint in Master Professor. She captures you from the first pages down to the last with her mind set of a student who’s about to learn the meaning of submission.

Andie Lincoln finds herself at the doors of the RACK Academy, a top rated BDSM school for dominants and submissives to learn about submission for her boyfriend, Hollywood actor Terrence Knight. Always friends since school age, until 6 months prior when emotions took a turn to lust, Terrence mentions he is a Dominant. Intrigued with this revelation, she asks to be enrolled in the academy to become a submissive for him.

Fulton Matthews, aka “Master Matthews” has recently been promoted which means he is in charge of the new attendees for the summer session. He is not happy to learn that there is a student who has no experience at all with submission and was able to surpass other applicants due to her boyfriends connections. Upon meeting Andie for the first time he is the spitting image of what an alpha/dominant man is… an asshole! Andie can’t believe she has to be around him, but after some other encounters she is able to get passed his hard exterior and starts to yearn for him. When a new Dom backs out of the class, Master Matthews takes it upon himself to train Andie. Knowing this is a disaster waiting to happen he can’t seem to back off. She is a breath of fresh air and keeps him on his toes, but any relations with a student is forbidden! What will he do?

When Terrence comes on a break from filming and takes Andie away for a night, can she forget about Master Matthews? Does she realize she made a mistake by submitting first to another man at the academy?

Emotions and boundaries are tested. Who will Andie decide to submit to?

Master Professor is the first book in the Lessons from the RACK series, so I as a reader can not wait until more books are written from this series! If you are a fan of BDSM, Dominant/Submissive, hot alpha men who push the limits for their women then this is a book for you. Tara Sue Me is a wonderful, talented and compelling author who sucks you in into the world of submission!