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Review : Pipe Dreams by Sarina Bowen


Sarina Bowen’s latest book ‘Pipe Dream’ is part of the ‘Brooklyn Bruisers’ series but can e read as a standalone. This is the third book about the Ice Hockey team members and is a highly entertaining read that I give 4 stars.

Mike Beacon is the goalie for the team and he loves the game but his first love is his daughter. He is a widower and single father that dotes on his daughter. The strong, tough goalie is a sweet and tender when off the ice and it is his role as a father that will really draw you to him.

Lauren Williams tries to ready herself and protect her heart when she knows that she will be dealing with Mike again. He is the one that broke her heart and the one that she has never really managed to recover from.

This is a second chance romance that pulls at your heart and has you hoping and praying that Mike can win Lauren’s heart again. You are right there with him as he tries to woo her and win her affections once again. For Mike Lauren is that one that gave him the best times he'd ever has and she got away even though he was the one breaking her heart at the time there were reasons behind it.

This is a romantic book with just the right amount of sport and attitude to make you fall for Mike and have you invested in whether he gets his happy ever after. Lauren is a strong and lovable character that has been through then ringer and you have your fingers crossed for that happy ever after. I really enjoyed this book and how it was written. I loved how I easily got lost in their world and didn't want it to end. A great addition to the ‘Brooklyn Bruisers’ series.