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Review : Restrained Under His Duty by Stacey Kennedy

*** ARC Provided by author in exchange for honest review ***

The third installment in the Dirty Little Secrets series by Stacey Kennedy comes Restrained Under His Duty. I highly suggest reading the series in order, however this book can be read as a standalone. Another amazing addition to the series, capturing the security officer Ryder Blackwood’s love story with a good amount of suspense!

Ryder Blackwood is a multimillionaire owning his own security company; Blackwood Security as well as protecting Senator Gary Winters. He owes his wealth and success to the man; giving him a job after Army Rangers and supporting him financially with starting his business. He comes first in his life. With protecting the Senator also means protecting his daughter Hadley. “She is the forbidden fruit” for Ryder, who he wants to divulge in but can’t due to his duty.

Hadley Winters has always wanted Ryder in more ways than one. She is one feisty firecracker who does not back down. She wins first place in teasing him at all costs, but with all the rejections she gets from him she turns to a sex club for her frustrations. What happens when her productiveness are used against her to persuade her father to retire? She turns to the one man who can help her… Ryder.

Ryder is determined to find out who the blackmailer is. Even though she is off-limits he still cares for Hadley and wants to keep her safe. When a video is released and he confronts her, all bets are off on what happens when motives are revealed. Can Ryder help the Senator and Hadley? Will Ryder’s duty get in his way to love Hadley?

This series does have some BDSM characteristics, which I love, but it’s not overloaded. I liked how Ms. Kennedy portrayed a different dynamic to the Dominant/Alpha side to a romance where he “Ryder” doesn’t act on the female right away, he chooses work first, but when safety is an issue that is when we see the Dominant side come into play. Their first encounter will leave you breathless.. I re-read it a couple of times! Looking forward to reading the fourth book, Cuffed by His Charm regarding Gabe’s story later on!

4 Stars

Reviewed by: Allyson S.