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Review : Riot by Tillie Cole


Riot (Scarred Souls #4) by Tillie Cole is a heart pounding, action packed story about two slaves 152 and 901 and how they grew to love each other in the hell created by the Master.

152 was kidnapped as a child with her older brother by the Arziani mob from Russian.  She was raised to be a Mona-a subservient slave by Mistress Arziani. 152 has been drugged with Part B, which makes her forget who she is, where she's from and her past; all she can faintly remember is her brother. Under Type B and the Mistress for most of her life, she is called to Georgia to be the Masters High Mona. The Master is a cruel man and takes what he wants.

901 is the Master Arziani's prize champion. A prize champion who never loses a battle in the Blood Pit. He also doesn't know who he is or where he is from, all he knows is that he was raised to be a deadly fighter. Until he is given 152 by the Master to try and break him, make him weak. 152 realizes that this brutal killing machine has the kindest heart and they fall in love.

There is a huge battle brewing and the Champions decide to take over the Blood Pit. Ultimately freeing everyone the Master has enslaved.

If you are not a fan of gore then this book may not be for you. There isn't a lot of it nor is it explicit. I recommend reading the other books in the series but it
can be read as a stand alone book but reading the other books would help understand the other characters and how they ended up in Arziani's gulag.

I really love this book. It kept my attention and was filled with action.

5 stars