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Review : Royally Roma by Teri Wilson

***ARC provided for an honest review *** 

If you aren't acquainted with Teri Wilson, than checking out this upcoming release, Royally Roma is a great way to get started. 

Royally Roma, is the upcoming novel by Teri Wilson. You if have read her, you may be familiar with her well known novel Unleashing Mr. Darcy, an Hallmark Channel Original Movie. This new novel is on its way to becoming her next best selling novel. 

For me anything involving different countries takes me away which I love. Teri does an amazing job at transporting you to Rome. You literally felt like you were there with Julia. 

In Royally Roma, you find Julia getting her PhD, but earning a living as a private tour guide in Rome she finds herself giving a tour for Niccolo. To Julia, she has never met someone like him before. Low and behold she finds herself giving away to their day of fun together. 

Niccolo decided he was going to go back to his life, to the responsibilities he's duty bound to. But for him, meeting Julia everything change in that moment. He finds himself questioning everything he's ever known in a blink of an eye. 

But for Niccolo and Julia, their lives has always been different. They say opposites attract. Will they make it, will Niccolo and Julia find what they wish for?

Royally Roma is an exciting and refreshing romance novel by Teri Wilson. The Author gives you intriguing characters and the chemistry between Niccolo and Julia is spot on.