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Review : Running Mate by Katie Ashley


I cast my not so secret vote for Running Mate by Katie Ashley! Holy hotness! This book is will keep you turning the pages and pulling an all nighter. It is worth every second of sleep deprivation! 

Barrett is the sexy as sin playboy. He is living every man's dream. "Bare" as he is known due to online leaked photos, has a lavish lifestyle, hot women, and everything a man could possibly want. Only one thing could have brought his fun to a screeching hault.  His Senator father deciding to run for president. 

Addison is the good girl that just lost a relationship. She is in debt and life isn't great. Her boss, the good Senator, decides to make her an offer she can't refuse.  Fake relationship with Barrett and her silence via an NDA for one million dollars. Just until he is elected. 

Will Addison and Barrett part ways amicably as agreed upon or will they stay together because they want to? This was such a well written book that gives you all the feels!  I would recommend this book to everyone! Fabulous 5 stars!!