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Review : Save my Heart by Rhonda James

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Rhonda James is one of the most gifted story tellers of our time. The stories she weaves are always emotional, relevant, sexy and in some way or another thought provoking. 

Save my Heart is no exception, with many elements to it, it's much more than a Sports Romance, much more than a Romance .. it's just more. 

For every action there is always a reaction. Sometimes we are lucky with the choices we make in life as they lead down a path of prosperity, love, wealthy etc. Sometimes we are unlucky in where the choices we made as youths end of leaving emotional scars that for some may take a lifetime to overcome. 

Scott is a rising start in the Hockey world, he has wealth, fame, family and friends. The only thing he doesn't have is a love like most of his team mates have found, he doesn't have that because of one moment in time where a knee jerk reaction caused him to lose the one person who he ever loved. He has always taken care of others, been the strong one for his family, the time has now come for one person to find it in them to absolve his mistakes .. and in turn save him from his inner turmoil. 

Skylar was a character I loved from the moment we were introduced to her, her loyalty, loving spirit, kindness and determination was an inspiration. Her childhood and even young adulthood was not easy, it left deep emotional scars, the biggest being self doubt. Only one person was her anchor, her safe haven .. until they weren't. Until they became her deepest heartbreak. 

This story is about evolution and second chances. About how one decision affected the life of not one person but two. Devastation comes in all forms .. however so does redemption. Scott and Skylar both evolved throughout the pages of this spellbinding emotional read, however Scott .. he taught us ALL lessons. Ones that I will carry with me for a long time. 

The pages are peppered with hilarity, passion and somber moments. None too over powering, none too weak .. Each turn of the page brought forth a different emotion in me and each turn of the page sucked me in more and more. The struggle these two characters had when faced with each other after years apart lead them down a path in which they either needed to forgive or to forget. One decision will leave them devastated on decision will grant them the elusive HEA, which path will they take? You need to read to find out. 

Save my Heart might be Book 3 in the Sticks and Hearts Series but this one was all Scott and all HEART.