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Review : Stalemate by Lisa Suzanne

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

In a couple of recent books commitment seems to be one of the main conflicting issues being dealt with by one of the lead characters. What I found refreshing about Lisa Suzanne’s book Stalemate is that it’s the leading lady Emme who has a bit of a commitment phobia. 

For those who read Clickbait, you will already be aware of Emme and Axel. You don’t need to read that book but I would suggest buying that first. I love knowing the whole story and sometimes, regardless of whether a book in a series is a standalone, or not you always get some vital background history that helps you relate more. 

Axel wants what his cousin is getting, the perfect wedding with that perfect girl, and in Axel’s eyes that girl is Emme. For Emme though, she has been burnt before and isn’t looking to walk down that path again. When Axel asks Emme to marry him she laughs him off, telling him no. 

Can two people get through the awkwardness of a denied proposal, and continue on with a kind of friends with benefits – no strings attached relationship?

This is a great read and I am happy to recommend.