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Review : Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Light, sexy, fun – this sums Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys.

You can never go past a story that involves one sexy male alpha fighting to prove that he’s worth taking a risk on. I love a story line where the lead female character, for whatever reason, puts up a  wall to keep everyone out, only to have the lead male eventually find a crack to tear it down.

Lia is a girl just trying to move on from her disastrous previous relationship and is in the process of opening up her own gourmet chocolate store. Finding a man was the last thing she needed. She had been celibate for the previous three years for a reason. Well….. she had been until Lukas moved into the apartment across from her.

When his sister is out of town, Lukas uses her apartment while his own is having work done on it. A little incident outside the door of said apartment brings a half naked Lia to his rescue and what can I say ………. It’s the beginning of one hell of a journey.

The instant attraction between these two can’t be denied, but while one fights it, the other sees no point and pursues it. 

This is a hilarious story in parts that had me laughing out loud, but it’s also what kept me intrigued. There wasn’t the usual handful of angst or drama thrown in, but that only heightened the enjoyment. The push and pull between Lia and Lukas will keep you entertained and rooting for them to find their way to love. 

It’s a story that I know everyone will love.