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Review : Take me Back by Meghan March


Meghan March is one of my go to authors. Take Me Back reminds me why she is my go to author. 

Mind completely freaking blown. I've had a book hangover for more than three days from this book.  It is one of those stories that pulls you in from the start and never let's go.

Reading the blurb I knew my emotions were in for a ride. Little did I know just how much I would feel reading this book.  Keep your tissues handy, you will need them. 

Kat and Dane had the perfect wedding in a tropical location. They thought they would have happily ever after, but life and reality came crashing down. Will a trip back to the tropics save their marriage? Or will everything implode from all the secrets that come out? 

I could feel the emotions pouring off the pages of this book. Seriously, I read it all in one night. It will keep you turning the pages. For me, I believe this is Ms. March's best book to date. I would recommend this book to everyone. It is excellent! Fabulous 5 stars!