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Review : Torn by Sky Corgan

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Short and Intriguing, a build up for a much darker story with one of those happily ever after conclusions – or that is the hope anyway. Torn – Part One by Sky Corgan, is an introduction into the life of Piper Gravatt. A girl who returns home after tragic circumstances. When her mother dies she is thrust into a situation she never wanted, she is now responsible for her younger step brothers. Around the same time Piper catches her fiancé cheating on her, so she leaves her job and heads home to take on the responsibilities thrust upon her. 

In Torn, we learn that Piper’s sexual preferences are more of the BDSM kind, leading her to Club Fet to look for a way to relieve the pain she is suffering. Unfortunately for Piper she doesn’t find the release she is seeking, but she attracts the attention of a dark and seemingly dangerous man – Sir Tall. We don’t learn much more about Sir Tall other than he wants to break, and destroy Piper. 
What his reasoning for this is, we don’t know but it leads to a cliffhanger that I for one will be searching out the next book to see how the story continues to play out and conclude.

It’s a story I’m definitely keen to see the ending of and I do believe you will enjoy it as well.