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Review : Unwritten by Jen Frederick


I have read and really enjoyed book by Jen Frederic before so was thrilled to be reading ‘Unwritten’ and although I did really enjoy this one too it did take a bit longer to get in to compared to some of her other work. This is the fifth book in the Woodlands series but can definitely be read as a standalone.

Adam is keen to get back on the road so relents when the lead singer says his sister will be coming along on the tour. There is an instant attraction that cant be denied but also cannot be acted upon. Adam knows that Landry should be off limits but there is something about her that he just can’t get enough of.

There is no way that Landry can’t see just how hot Adam is and she knows that he is it for her but when she stands to possibly ruin her brother’s chance of success she is torn inside. The attraction to Adam is immense and Landry is scared by what can happen so be prepared for quite a bit of back and forth.

This is a what I would call a slow burner as it does take time for Adam and Landry to get their act together. There is a lot to entertain you when reading such as some characters form other books if you have read them, some suspense that adds a bit of drama and there are also times that will have you laughing out loud. Overall a great read that I will happily recommend to others.