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Review : Wanderlust by Daisy Prescott


‘Wanderlust’ by Daisy Prescott is part of the Modern Love Stories series but can definitely be read as a standalone. Having not read any of the other books and this being the first book I have read by Daisy Prescott I definitely feel that is was very easy to get stuck into this 4 star read.

There were a few things that instantly made this book stand out. One being the location as it is set in West Africa and the other is that Selah is a confident, intelligent and outgoing woman in her forties. This was a funny, sexy and clever book that i really enjoyed.

After taking a chance and meeting up with Gerhard while on a lay over in Amsterdam Selah is shocked to find that she has such chemistry and connection with this beautifully sexy man that is a bit younger than her. Struggling internally about what to do Selah does continue on her journey to Ghana and thinks that is the last she will see of Gerhard. Once in Ghana she is introduced to Kai and she feels betrayed and lied to.

This is a story of self discovery and whether or not Selah can give in and take a chance on love. As more and more is revealed about Kai, Selah is unsure what she should do.

I really enjoyed this story and it was clever, witty and also encouraging to have a heroine who was that little bit older. Daisy Prescott has given us characters to enjoy and makes us want to know more about them. A great story that makes me want to go back and read more work by Daisy Prescott.