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The Storm by R.J. Prescott


Brilliant, touching, romantic, bad boy fighter turned lover. I shouldn't need to say anymore to make you go and one click ‘The Storm’ by R.J. Prescott right now? This is a 5 star must read book for me.

Having already read and loved the previous two books written by R.J. Prescott which focus on two characters that pop up in this book I would recommend reading them first if you want to enjoy everything in order but it is in no way necessary to do so. That being said it was because of reading them that I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on this book as I fell in love with Keiran and the rest of the Driscoll boys in those books and I knew that there had to be a brilliant reason in Marie’s eyes why she wouldn't drop at his feet like the rest of us mere mortals.

As you might have guessed I loved everything about this book. It is written in both points of view in alternating chapters so you really get to know what they are both thinking as things progress and they take your heart with them every step of the way.

Keiran was a it of a player and never thought he could have that one true love as he had seen his parents have or his best friends’ had as he had seen what happened when you lost or nearly lost that other half of you. All of that changed however the minute he first laid eyes on Marie and now he just had to convince her that he was it for her.

Marie had seen what loss of your loved one did to a person and she couldn't do that to someone. She couldn't have that one great loved that consumed you as i just wasn't fair and she couldn't do it. Making it clear to everyone she wasn't a relationship kind of person and making especially clear to Keiran that she also wasn't a casual sex kind of girl either so friendship would have to do. Unfortunately or maybe very fortunately Keiran Doherty wont be stopped from getting what he knows is his and he knows Marie is his.

Quite honestly I could’ve read this book all over again as soon as I finished as I loved being caught up in the Driscoll’s gym family. I had reread ‘The Hurricane’ and ‘The Aftermath’ before picking this one up and it still wasn't enough of them all and I am already eager for the next book as I can bet Tommy’s story will be just as amazing as these books but maybe a bit cheekier. This is a great gang of people to read about and you really do feel like you get to know them all, main characters and others alike and you just can’t help but love them all. I genuinely feel like you would be missing out if you didn't give this and the other books a chance.