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XOXPert Review : The Last Resort by R.S. Kovach

*** ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review ***

The Last Resort written by R.S. Kovach is a light hearted romance. Little did I realize it does have some aspects of a military romance which you come across towards the end. As a first time reader of R.S. Kovach’s, I felt it was a good book to be read near a fire on a snowy day. Almost like a Hallmark movie.

Alejandra “Ali” Barros is the Assistant VP of International Initiatives for a major corporation in Manhattan. Workaholic is what most people would describe her. She is dedicated to her job and not much attention is put on her social life. Unless you call her love for riding a social life. She is a show jumping Champion and is dedicated to her horses. Striving to make her family proud even though her brother gets the spotlight, she heads home on a weekend to celebrate her parents anniversary. Putting a smile on her face she braves the family. Luckily her ex- Robert shows up forcing her to have a little fun, by taking her to the local Equestrian center. Thinking this is what she needs; the smell of hay, horse and the the thundering sounds of hooves she still has an uneasy feeling of riding an unknown horse. Not listening to her gut feelings, lands her in the hospital with a shattered wrist and a broken spirit! Returning to work too early, she learns fast that her injuries have hindered her job responsibilities which has gained the attention of management. In hopes to keeping her job she must complete a 30 day rehabilitation at Pebble Creek Lodge in Colorado before returning to work.

The only reason she is staying at the retreat is cowboy Hank Mathis. The ranch hand who is very handy in all things! Hank and the other attendees who soon become friends show her how to unwind. Hank pushes her buttons but she also uncovers the layers to who Hank Mathis is as well. Pushing limits is what gets Ali talking and reveals why she truly is at the retreat, but when secrets unfold about Hank, can she cope? Can she help him overcome his struggles as well?

Honestly, this was a hard story to get into. I felt like it was a bit choppy as the story didn’t flow too well together, however, with that said it was a heartwarming novel. Hank at the beginning you don’t know much about but as you learn about him your heart opens more and more. I was happy to see the development of Ali, how she overcomes her struggles. This book has great potential and reminds me of a Hallmark movie. At the end, you do swoon with the characters and I did smile for the couple!