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Review : The Banker by Piper Rayne

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

To say I was excited to get hold of The Banker by Piper Rayne was an understatement. I would have fought my way through a crowd to get hold of this book, that’s how excited I was!

I loved Lennon in the previous books, she is like my alter ego, a girl I could look at in a mirror and see a reflection of me in – apart from the whole sex toys thing she has going on. 

In this book Lennon is looking for a financier to get her sex toy business off the ground and she has her sights set on one man – Jasper Banks. Pity she hadn’t picked up on the fact that she met him in Starbucks! 

Anyway, there is a connection between these two that you can feel and Lennon’s antics had me laughing that hard I was crying at times. She is a character you will feel and instant attraction to, and her uniqueness is only part of that. The characters though are only part of what you will love about The Banker, because there are twists to this story that will have you filled with worry about how it will all end and if Jasper and Lennon are truly meant to be together.

This is a great story that pulled more than a few emotions from me as I eagerly flipped the pages to see how it would all end, and if these two amazing characters found their happily ever after with each other. 

A highly enjoyable read and one that I would recommend to others.