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Review : Behind the Curtain by Beth Kery

*** ARC provided by the author in exchange for honest review ***

Inviting, provoking and steamy! Whew, this second chance romance will leave you breathless and yearning for more!

Behind the Curtain by Beth Kery is a beautiful and heartbreaking romance that takes you in the past and present between two different characters who try to make love work in their struggling lives. 

Asher Gaites-Gainville is supposed to inherit the family media fortune after graduating college, but he would rather work as a reporter in the middle east writing on real topics. Before he heads off to work for the LA Times, him and his friends plus one vengeful cousin spend a summer at Crescent Bay Lake. There, he meets a Moroccan-American beauty who steals his breath away.

Leila Berek, spends her summers with her family at the Crescent Bay. Coming from a Muslim based upbringing, her loyalty lies with her family. So when she meets Asher and sparks fly between the two, she must decide who will come first.

8 years later…

Asher and friends meet up at Yesina, a Jazz Club in Chicago. He recently just came home from the Middle East. Depleted from his travels and not looking forward to meeting with his parents, he decides he needs a night out. The jazz club is known for the “Veiled Siren”, a woman whose voice is so erotic and smooth that it's hypnotizing, but she is behind a curtain. No one knows what she looks like. There is something about her voice though that Asher can’t seem to put his finger on, he feels like he knows her. After following her in the subway he soon realizes it’s Leila, the face of his dreams, the woman who stole his heart and walked away!

Fate has brought them back together, but can she step out from her curtain that she uses to shield herself from? Or will the curtain always be a boundary between Asher and herself?

If you need a hot romantic second chance romance… look no further! WOW! This book will get your motor running if you know what I mean! I have read Beth's books in the past and every time she does a remarkable job at developing the characters so you feel like you understand and truly know them. The descriptions of the emotions felt so real which makes for a great love story. The book is in 2-parts. You do go back in the past to visit how Asher and Leila met, then fast forward to present which was nice to fully understand what happened 8 years prior. Wonderful, just wonderful!