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Review : Bombshell by CD Reiss

*** ARC provided by author for an honest review ***

How can you go wrong with a CD Reiss romance? You can’t! Bombshell by CD Reiss delivered another amazing tale that captivates and entertains you from the beginning to the end. I fell in love with Brad and Cara would be a friend in my world!

Rule: No working for actors or celebrities. Especially single males or families with husbands who have wondering eyes. Just simple wealthy families needing a nanny that won’t end in drama or on the front of a tabloid. Cara Dumont takes her job as a nanny very seriously. She prides herself on her professionalism. Helping her friend out of a bind, she finds herself face to face with Brad Sinclair, hottest bachelor movie star and newly dad to 5 year old Nicole. Looks like her rule just went out the window!

Playboy, Hollywood actor Brad Sinclair becomes a father overnight when he discovers he has a daughter from a previous hookup. To keep his career and life in order he hires Cara to become her nanny. Cara keeps him on his toes, schooling him in all the ways he should be the best father. Originally from Arkansas, his roots don’t ever leave the star.

Cara starts to have fantasies of Brad, her boss, who she is not supposed to have these thoughts of. A sequence of events happen which start to unravel their work relationship. Actions that will lead both down a path they both can’t take back. Brad doesn’t want to let Cara go; not as a nanny nor as the woman he has feelings for. How can he have her without the implications of ruining her and his career?

Absolutely amazing and adored this book! A boy from the south becomes famous with the help of friends, stardom takes a tole but then a woman and a child come into his life to shake things up and he finds himself back to his southern roots! No matter where you end up always know where your roots are planted! CD Reiss knows how to write a heartwarming and sexy romance that will make you smile at the end with happiness for Brad and Clara.