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Review : The Castle by Skye Warren

'***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

To find a book that has the ability to pull your through a maze of twists and turns, is a book worth holding on to. I found exactly that with the End Game trilogy, particularly book three – The Castle, by Skye Warren.

In this next installment, we continue with Gabriel and Avery’s story and let me warn you it’s just as powerful and intense as the previous books. What draws you in is the connection between these two characters that delves deeper and rawer then that of a normal sexual attraction. Gabriel will do everything within his power to keep his queen safe, including keeping her locked in his castle away from a deadly foe. Are his intentions good and pure? yes and no. Is being kept confined healthy for Avery? In her mind, nothing is black and white and the lines become blurred. The only thing that is a given, is the way these two feel and what they will do to protect one another.

This is an amazing end to a fantastic trilogy and one you won’t regret buying.