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Review : Fox by S.M. Lumetta

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

SM Lumetta’s book Fox was a heartfelt story that I fell in love with.

What would you do if nature decided to taunt you, and take away your ability to have children? If it were me, I’d panic. It’s pretty simple really.

For Sophie, that’s exactly what’s happening. At the age of twenty-eight her body decides it doesn’t want to play and in walks early onset of menopause. If she ever has any hope of having children she needs to do it soon. That brings me to her best friend Fox. 

Fox is one of those surfer dudes, a little immature at times but so adorable. When Sophie puts the proposition to Fox about him being the father he agrees and that’s where their journey toward love begins.

I really did love this story, it’s one which makes you evaluate what your choices would be if placed in the same situation. My favorite part was the developing relationship between Fox and Sophie and the trials and tribulations they go through. It made my heart ache on more than one occasion.

A beautiful story, by an author I will definitely be following.