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Review : Oliver by F.G. Adams


Mystery and suspense is something I love and when I opened Oliver by F.G. Adams I found just that. This isn’t no simple boy meets girl and they fall in love story……. No, this one has more twists and turns than a piece of licorice. 

Fallyn is a girl on the run, escaping a horrific past and men that mean her and her daughter nothing but harm. Hiding is what she needs to do, but a stubborn man by the name of Oliver prevents her from doing that.

Oliver is a man with his own demons, one with past just as tormenting and tragic. When he sets his sights on saving Fallyn, regardless of whether she wants to be or not. Fallyn just wants to stay those few steps in front of the mafia chasing her, and her daughter. The last thing she wants is to get involved with a man who is trying to heal from the pains of his past. 

This is a gripping story that will have you hovering over the edge of your chair as you feel every emotion flowing through these characters. A little word of advice when delving into this book, - leave your assumptions at the door and walk into through it with open eyes. You will not be disappointed and it will heighten your experience.

Loved this book!