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Review : Resistance on Ice by S.R. Grey

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

What a great read Resistance on Ice by SR Grey was. It’s one of those Sports Romances with a comical side to it. 

There are so many sub categories you can attach to this book but it needs to be hashtagged #friendzoned. Why, you ask? Because, although this is more of a second chance romance, it’s one where the lead male has been sidelined with such an impact, it has him stunned. 

Nolan knows he has it all, his skills are perfect both on and off of the ice – or so he would like people to think. When he allows Lainey to get too close he panics and distances himself. It’s not until he dumps her that he realizes what he has lost. Then the full really begins……

Lainey refuses to allow herself to get hurt by Nolan again, but he is persistent. Before she allows her heart to give him another chance she wants proof that he’s changed, so she tells him they can only be friends.

Will Lainey cave and take Nolan back? You will need to read this comical story to follow all their ups and downs to see if they actually find that elusive happily ever after.