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Review : The Seven Sins of Ruby Love by Erin Quinn

***Complimentary copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**

The Seven Sins of Ruby Love by Erin Quinn is the third instalment in the Beyond Series. A heart pounding, spell binding paranormal romance that keeps you on your toes wanting to see what happens next at every turn. Since it’s the third book, it can be read as a standalone, but the previous two books do play a role and could help you understand the storyline better.

Ruby Love comes from a mystical family in a world of demonic souls, half-breeds, fallen angels, watchers and reapers that have infiltrated with the humans. Breeding and corrupting the population, the Love family is in the middle of this festering ground. Her twin brother Reece died recently in a horrific way and now is bound to the hell that nightmares are made of. She can see the spirits of the dead at every turn, so when she stumbles across Reese his spirit is of the darkest kind. He speaks to her of help, but following him is other demonic creatures that are not so friendly. Saved and comforted by a stranger; John Cassian, a man who knows all too well who is lurking in the shadows. She turns to him for help in saving her brothers soul.

Is John really a stranger to Ruby or did he come to the small town of Tempe to deal with the undead problem? Ruby is lustful after John and their chemistry is hot from the beginning, but are her eyes blind to the sin and can’t see past who John truly is? John has friends in high channels of the underworld per se, but these people come with a price. When the axis turns dangerous and Ruby is put into a serious situation, what will happen to her, John, her brother and the other souls? Does Ruby hold another power that outshines anything that anyone has ever seen to be true?

A miracle?

This paranormal is definitely not your Sunday school lesson on angels and demons. This is the untold take of what happens in the shadows and where the angels go when they fall. Emotional journey for Ruby in her quest to find redemption for her brother Reece and for herself thanks to John. Excellent tale, keeps you yearning for more. Never a dull moment. Highly recommend this book to those who like action and adventure with some passionate chemistry in their paranormal romance!