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Review : Still Waters by Anne Malcom

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Who doesn’t like a good MC novel? A story where the testosterone levels far exceed anything else. Whenever I’m over the same old romances I’ll switch to a MC book to switch things up a bit. What I wasn’t expecting was the ride I would embark on when I started reading Still Waters by Anne Malcom.

This is a MC book that’s a little different from the norm. What I loved was how it spanned out over a two year time frame. It’s a story that brought out a whole range of emotions in me, yet I couldn’t put it down. I loved the way Anne portray both her characters, Lucy and Keltan, and how we as readers got to know them as deeply as we did. 

Life within clubs like the Sons of Templar is far from sugar and spice, nothing about what they are about and how they are run is nice. For Lucy, this is a life she only too happy to be a part of and one she embraces. She is a girl with demons who prefers to run instead of facing them. Keltan on the other hand is an ex-soldier from another country who challenges Lucy to tackle them head on so that she can free herself from their grip..

There’s a rawness to this story that will grip onto you and drag you along for the ride. It’s one that allows you to sit back and watch as the characters develop in a sense of time that isn’t rushed. There is nothing slow about the time line, just a genuine insight that has been beautifully defined and described. 

It’s a story with a difference that you will have no choice but to enjoy and Ann is an author you will love to follow.